Wanru Tseng, Charles Kim and Robert Covarrubias. Photo by Shane Sato

Wanru Tseng is one of the writers/performers of the hilarious comedy of sketches TELEMONGOL  performed last year at the GTC Burbank. I wanted to meet the creator behind the supremely confident and mischievous Dr. Pho and the actress with perfect comic timing who had me thinking I was watching Betty Boop impersonating Marilyn Monroe.

LA Taco: When did you start writing/performing?

Wanru Tseng: In 2001 I decided to sign up for an improv class and took to it right away. One of my teachers was Robert Covarrubias, a member of the multi cultural improv group Cold Tofu. In 2003 he asked me to join them. This year was the first year we were able to do a sketch collaboration with other comedy groups.

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