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I don’t know about other women, but there comes a day when, hearing another girlfriend moan about commitment-phobes, and finding yourself once again justifying my…I mean, their behavior, you realize it’s time to ditch your tomboy days, become a real woman, and commit to someone, or at least something, greater than yourself.


“Why not take refuge in Buddhist precepts?” was my first thought. I had been living by them for years now anyway. I didn’t have to agree with everything, my critical mind would have to endure, I could still think for myself. I joined a silent retreat to meditate upon this most serious decision. I promised, in writing, to observe the facility’s three rules: no lying, no killing of insects, and no engaging in sexual activity. I moved into an adorable cabin, absolutely thrilled by this chance to show my undying commitment. Maybe I was a little too excited. I quickly fell from my Buddhist Nirvana, deep in the woods on day three, when a beautiful male deer lunched near my humble shack, sunbeams striking me, warming me, through the trees like Cyclops’ laser, dissolving what little clothing I could stand to wear in the first place. Something about the deer’s big, brown eyes, and the way this proud buck stood so perfectly erect, rekindled vivid memories of my latest fling.


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