Continuing in its mission to explore new and original ways to present theatre for Los Angeles, Theatre Unleashed is excited to announce the launch of yet another new series. “Tales of an Unsettled City: Beginnings” marks the company’s first true venture into late-night theatre with 10:30 p.m. shows on four special Saturday nights—March 21, March 28, April 11 and April 18—at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center in North Hollywood.

A collection of seven short vignettes that are cleverly intertwined with music and choreography, “Tales of an Unsettled City: Beginnings” explores both the comedic and dramatic adventures that follow once people take the risk (or fate decides to push them) to leave their comfortable surroundings and start a new journey in a new environment.

The show features seven original pieces: “Moving On” is a reflective poem about a young man on a bus trip having second thoughts about leaving his small home town. “Stateside Girls” features two siblings, one facing the fear of flying and leaving the Philippines, while the other looks forward to a new life in New York. “Once Upon an F’ing Island” is a comedic piece about how two opposites will get along now that they’re stranded on a desert island. “Blue Bikini” features a young man reminiscing about the one who got away while she reminisces about the one who never took a chance. “Just Another Night in Donegal” watches closely as a woman spends her final night in a cold, unfurnished home coping with the madness that is enveloping her. “Last Dance” follows a young man as he chases the girl he loved and lost only to see her finally find her true love…dancing. “Stuffed Grape Leaves” is a humorously poignant piece about how we deal with people who come from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

For more information, go to http://www.theatreunleashed.com.