This eery montage where  Michael Jackson‘s dance moves are slowed down reminded me of silent-screen great Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) and of course Marcel Marceau (1923-2007)who was greatly admired by Jackson and inspired his moonwalk. The whiter Jackson’ skin became, the more tragic and mime-like his performances.

In this one the crowd goes absolutely wild watching Jackson perform “Billie Jean” 30 years after its release:


Charlie Chaplin



Saturday, june 13th
gates at 7:30 pm, film at 9:00 pm NEW TIME!!
hollywood forever cemetery
6000 santa monica boulevard at gower
no reservation necessary.
$10 donation tickets available at gate. 

$5 parking available inside
as a courtesy to other moviegoers: NO TALL CHAIRS!!

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Elegant, playful and visually stunning funny face is one of our most beloved musicals. starring audrey hepburn as an unlikely model and fred astaire as the high powered fashion photographer who discovers her, an unlikely love grows between the naive and beautiful bookworm, and the hard headed shutterbug. Real-life legendary fashion giant Richard Avedon provides the visuals and fashion numbers in one of the most chic movies to ever hit the silver screen.

dj rob sevier (numero group) spins before and after the screening.


Screening at sunset.


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The Minerva Tapia Dance Group was created in 1995 in Tijuana, Mexico, under the direction of dancer and choreographer Minerva Tapia.  A decade of intense work and the presentation of over forty projects in various forums in Mexico and abroad have earned the group recognition and awards both nationally and internationally.
Constituting an essential reference for dance in the border region, the Minerva Tapia Dance Group, which includes dancers from both Mexico and the U.S., has developed choreographic works around multiple themes, including some that emerge from encounters between the United States and Mexico at the border. The group adopts a perspective that joins a trained eye with discipline and an enduring commitment to dance, a perspective that permits a careful balancing of dance art, choreographic narrative, and a re-created social context. The Minerva Tapia Dance Group has presented its works in Spain, Panama, the United States, and Mexico. Among its most notable choreographies are Juana’s Little Machine, Flaquita, Caritina, and Illegal Border…Frontera Ilegal. The Minerva Tapia Dance Group has presented its works in Spain, Panama, the United States, and Mexico.

$20 general. Frida Kahlo Theater, 2332 W. 4th Street, LA, CA 90057. For more information go to


Cyd Charisse’s leg in the dance sequence that made her famous from the 1952 Stanley Donen/Gene Kelly masterpiece “Singin’ in the rain”… One of my top 10 most erotically charged scenes in the history of film… not just because of the way Cyd wraps her famously gorgeous legs around a blushing Gene Kelly, or the burning hot chemistry between two of the best dancers of their time… but because of that smile on her face when he finally takes charge.

Thanks to YouTube, you can click here if, like me, you like to watch.